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Once again, a refreshing break from the overpowering distraction of dominant Hollywood production values, the Romanian Film Festival provides a welcome platform for truly thought-provoking drama.- Monday, April 30, 2018
Good Bye RFF 2018
 I find characters are reassuringly regular; similar in some ways to myself or to people I know or have met. The power of the drama is invariably led from the front by the players themselves, supported by modern filming techniques/choice use of sound, never the other way round. These are often world-class performances and it is a privilege to rub shoulders with the players themselves and to hear them speak about the project. I find my mind occupied with contemplating my own responses to challenging situations. Far from leaving the cinema exhausted I am energised, my mind active, awake. Thank you as always for a stimulating and wonderfully human cultural experience. Rob Waite
We welcome director Andrei Cretulescu to London for the Closing Gala of The 14th Romanian Film Festival.- Saturday, April 14, 2018

Andrei Cretulescu

Join Andrei and producer Codruta Cretulescu for the UK premiere of Charleston, followed by an exciting Q&A hosted by film writer Ian Haydn Smith. Sun 22 Apr, 3pm, Curzon Soho 
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Former film critic and former creative producer for HBO Romania, Αndrei Cretulescu was born in 1974. Together with his partner, Codruta Cretulescu, in 2011 he launched Kinosseur Productions, then he wrote and directed the awarded shorts Bad Penny and Kowalski.

Detouring from the Romanian new wave, the less cynical ‘Charleston’ is almost sweet. Charleston won the Agora Work-in-Progress award in Thessaloniki IFF in 2016.
Filmography: 2014 Bad Penny (short), 2014 Kowalski (short), 2015 Ramona (short), 2017 Charleston