Iulia Rugina

IULIA RUGINA was born in 1982 in Bucharest, and studied film directing at UNATC Bucharest (2002-2006). In 2011, she finished her master's degree in film directing. She has directed eight short films and three medium-length films, having co-written most of them.

Her films were screened at over 50 film-related events in 13 countries. She is also highly involved in the educational side of filmmaking, as a trainer in different projects for amateurs, beginners or children and as co-founder of a cultural association focused on film education. Her debut feature is the low budget film Love Building, and she is now in pre-production with her second feature film Breaking News.

Bună Cristina! Pa Cristina! / Hi Cristina! Bye Cristina! - short fiction, 15 minutes -  2006 Vineri în jur de 11 / Friday around eleven - short fiction, 18 minutes – 2006 Museum of Broken Relationships - short fiction, 13 minutes -  2009< Captivi de Crăciun / Stuck on Christmas - medium length fiction - 40 minutes – 2010 Raluca + 1 - short fiction, 30 minutes – 2011 Sink - medium length fiction, 40 minutes -  2012 Love Building - feature fiction, 83 minutes - 2013


His film credits include numerous Romanian and international short and feature films.


DRAGOS BUCUR is a prolific actor, his credits include Film, Theatre and Television.


Director: Iulia Rugina
Sunday 1 December
6.00pm, Curzon Soho