Director, screenwriter

Constantin Popescu

Born in 1973 in Romania. Before deciding to embark on film-making, Constantin Popescu graduated in Spanish and English from the University of Bucharest, and worked as a translator, and production and director assistant.

Constantin started a series of short films in 2004, with The Apartment (Apartamentul), which was followed by A Lineman’s Cabin (Canton) in 2005, Water (Apa) in 2006 and The Yellow Smiley Face (Fata galbena care rade) in 2008. He also directed a segment of the portmanteau film Tales From The Golden Age (Amintiri din Epoca de Aur).

His debut feature length film was premiered in 2009, The Portrait Of The Fighter As A Young Man (Portretul luptatorului la tinerete). Principles of Life (Principii de viata), Constantin’s second feature film, was premiered in 2010 at the San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain).