Directed by Constantin Popescu
Wednesday 18 April, 6.10pm
Preceded by Introduction with lead actor Bogdan Dumitrache

Screening preceded by Introduction with lead actor Bogdan Dumitrache. Hosted by festival director Ramona Mitrica and author Mike Phillips.
(d: Constantin Popescu | 2017 | Drama | 2h 33min | Romania)
Stars: Bogdan Dumitrache, Iulia Lumanare, Constantin Dogioiu


A rare, quiet and compelling Romanian thriller. The story follows Tudor and his family, where his life was destroyed after the disappearance of their daughter at the park.

“With Pororca, Constantin Popescu establishes himself as the latest director to ride the Romanian New Wave into arthouse prominence. The acting is first-rate: Bogdan Dumitrache deservedly won the silver shell for Best Actor at San Sebastian 2017 for his scaldingly intense performance.” (Screen Daily)

“Bogdan Dumitrache immediately becomes one of the biggest names in Romanian cinema with the role of Tudor Ionescu, slowly descending down a path of obsession in Pororoca. (...) He would be hard to beat for any acting award.” (Cineuropa)

“The title may be oblique, but Romanian director’s study of a missing-person crisis hits with direct emotional force. The Pororoca, for those not up to speed on their Amazonian geography, is a vast tidal bore that can travel up to 500 miles inland on the great South American river.” (Variety)