Directed by Andrei Cretulescu
Sunday 22 April, 3.00pm
Followed by Q&A with director Andrei Cretulescu and producer Codruta Cretulescu

Screening followed by Q&A with director Andrei Cretulescu and producer Codruta Cretulescu. Hosted by film writer Ian Haydn Smith.
(d: Andrei Cretulescu | 2017 | 1h 59min | Black Comedy, Drama | Romania)
Stars: Serban Pavlu, Radu Iacoban, Victor Rebengiuc


A bizarre love triangle between two men and the woman they both lost. Love and sorrow go hand-in-hand.

”Charleston is a character-driven film with a very soulful and powerful dialogue, moving constantly on a very fine line between drama and comedy.” (The Reviewer)

The film’s versatility may be its biggest strength and probably its most appealing feature for the audience: some viewers may prefer the dramatic moments, while others will be more open to the comedy, wondering, as the curtains close, whether the film is a drama or a black comedy.

“Charleston receives bonus points for its mind and soul, but also for its aesthetics. Barbu Balasoiu’s camera explores Bucharest’s chic spots, while the interiors reflect the educated and art-loving protagonists. It’s the perfect setting for their issues, as they talk about love, cinema, books, music and hunting dogs, completely ignoring the darker topics usually explored in Romanian films. Cretulescu also uses the elaborate, jazzy score as another means of distancing Charleston from other local productions.” (Cineuropa)