Directed by Cristi Iftime
Saturday 21 April, 6.30pm
Followed by Q&A with director Cristi Iftime

Screening followed by Q&A with director Cristi Iftime. Hosted by film writer Ian Haydn Smith.
(d: Cristi Iftime | 2017 | Drama | 1h 40min | Romania)
Stars: Alexandru Potocean, Adrian Titieni, Lucian Iftime


There comes a time when the stories told by your parents cannot put you to sleep anymore. A journey that will ultimately help to heal past wounds.

“Part character study, part road movie, Marita paints a complex portrait of a typical Eastern European family.” (East European Film Bulletin)

“On a road trip from Transylvania to Moldova, Costi (Alexandru Potocean) travels with his father Sandu (Adrian Titieni) to a holiday home for a festive gathering. Their mode of transportation is Marita, a Dacia car that has seen their family through thick and thin. Now a hunk of junk with a broken gearshift and faulty windscreen wipers, Marita requires a lot of love and attention at every pit stop. But when she is on the road she has therapeutic powers, drawing fond memories from the driver and spreading joy to the passengers who listen to Sandu’s antics intently. In Marita’s absence, the family are left to deal with their emotional baggage within the domestic environment and it soon becomes clear that Costi and Sandu are no strangers to the complicated dynamics of a broken home.” (East European Film Bulletin)