Picture of          STERE GULEA


Romanian director and screenwriter

STERE GULEA was born in 1943 in the district of Mihail Kogalniceanu, Constanta. He is of Aromanian (Macedo-Romanian) origin.

He was a film teacher and dean of The National University of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale" Bucharest. After 1989, Stere Gulea became a respected civil society activist.

Stere Gulea possesses a view of the world that is both “severe and objective” (according to his colleague Lucian Pintilie). He is one of the most important Romanian directors, with a career spanning more than 40 years. Well known for his literary adaptations (including Fox - Hunter, based on Herta Müller’s Even Back Then, the Fox Was the Hunter), Gulea also wrote and directed State of Things, one of the most powerful accounts of the Romanian Revolution. He is famous, however, for having directed one of the masterpieces of Romanian cinema, The Moromete Family (1987), an adaptation of Marin Preda’s novel.

Selected filmography: 

Morometii 2/Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time (2018), Sunt o baba comunista/I Am An Old Communist Hag (2013), Weekend cu mama/Weekend With My Mother (2009), Hacker (2004), Stare de fapt/State of Things (1996), Vulpe – Vanator/Fox – Hunter (1993), Piata Universitatii – Romania/University Square – Romania (documentary, 1991), Morometii/The Moromete Family (1987), Ochi de urs/The Bear’s Eye (1983), Castelul din Carpati/Castle of the Carpathians (1981), Iarba verde de acasa/The Green Grass of Home (1978).