Director: Stere Gulea
Friday 29 November 2013
6.20pm, Curzon Soho

Romania 2013 • 94 minutes • English and Romanian with English subtitles (advised 16) • Romanian title: Sunt o baba comunista!

Plus Q&A with director Stere Gulea

This adaptation of Dan Lungu’s 2007 novel details the chaos that ensues when an estranged family is reunited. The quiet provincial life of couple Emilia and Tucu is turned upside down when their daughter returns from Canada, together with her American fiancée.

Cast: Luminita Gheorghiu, Marian Ralea, Ana Ularu, Valeria Seciu

Director’s biography:
STERE GULEA was born in 1943 in the district of Mihail Kogalniceanu, Constantza. He is of Aromanian (Macedo-Romanian) origin.
His best known feature is The Moromete Family (Morometii, 1988), an adaptation after Marin Preda’s novel of the same title.
He also co-directed the documentary University Square – Romania (Piata Universitatii – Romania, 1991), a presentation of the one-month long rally in University Place, Bucharest, where Romanian people demonstrated against the neo-communist government which had taken power after the toppling of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The film also shows the brutal repression of the rally by the government forces.
After 1989, Stere Gulea became a respected civil society activist.
Selected filmography: I Am An Old Communist Hag (Sunt o baba comunista, 2013), Weekend With My Mother (Weekend cu mama, 2009), Hacker (2004), State of Things (Stare de fapt, 1996), Fox – Hunter (Vulpe – Vânãtor, 1993), University Square – Romania (Piata Universitatii – Romania, documentary, 1991), The Moromete Family (Morometii, 1988), The Bear’s Eye (Ochi de urs, 1983), Castle of the Carpathians (Castelul din Carpati, 1981), The Green Grass of Home (Iarba verde de acasa, 1978).