RFF 20 Years Celebration 

This year we celebrate 20 years since we’ve started the Romanian Film Festival in London, back in 2003.

Start celebrating with us by enjoying some of the top Romanian New Wave films (and more!) on Curzon Home cinema – highlights of our festival as well, over the years.🔘4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days (dir. Cristian Mungiu)🔘Graduation (dir. Cristian Mungiu)🔘Beyond the Hills (dir. Cristian Mungiu)🔘Police, Adjective (dir. Corneliu Porumboiu)🔘The Whistlers / La Gomera (dir. Corneliu Porumboiu)🔘Sunset (dir. László Nemes)🔘Son of Saul (dir. László Nemes).🔘Katalin Varga (dir. Peter Strickland)#RFF20YEARS #RFF2023 #vladivanov #leventemolnar #hildapeter #mungiu #porumboiu 


Miracle - Q&A with director Bogdan George Apetri
MAN AND DOG - Q&A with director Stefan Constantinescu
UNIDENTIFIED - Q&A with director Bogdan George Apetri
dogpoopgirl - Q&A with director Andrei Hutuleac & lead Andreea Gramosteanu
BLUE MOON - Q&A with director Alina Grigore & lead Vlad Ivanov
METRONOM - Q&A with Vlad Ivanov


The 16th Romanian Film Festival in London: THE SEASON OF CONTENTION 21- 25 October 2021, Curzon Soho - Saturday, October 2, 2021
Dear film lovers, The Romanian Film Festival in London (RFF2021) is back once again, continuing the tradition of the festival as a joyful celebration of Romanian cinema. Enjoy!
RFF2019 trailer - Tuesday, October 22, 2019
The Romanian Film Festival (RFF15) is back once again, bringing you new releases, talented artists, and important debates with film experts and critics, from Romania to the UK.